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Linebaugh Library System offers a wide variety of computer and computer related assets at all branches.

Our main branch, Linebaugh Library, offers a total of 37 public access computers two of which are equipped with specialized historical research software and one that especially adapted for persons with disabilities.

In Smyrna, our Smyrna branch offers 19 public access computers with one especially adapted for persons with disabilities.

Our MGL branch in the Patterson Park Community Center offers 9 public access computers and our Eagleville branch offers 2 public access computers.

All public access computers offer internet access and printing is available from all of public access computers for a nominal fee (your first $.30 is free).

Children’s computers, with special learning software and no internet access, are also available at all of our branches.

In addition, all four branches offer free wireless internet access for those who have their own computers or other devices with wireless capability. Currently, printing is not available with our wireless service.

Our branches at Linebaugh, Smyrna, and MGL also offer free computer classes. Frequency, dates, times, and subjects vary at the different locations and are available from these links: Linebaugh Computer Classes, Smyrna Computer Classes, MGL Computer Classes.

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